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Council Members

* Wayne Dawson, Chair (Representing Savannah-Chatham

   County Fair Housing Council)

*              Vice-Chair

* James Aberson, Treasurer (Chatham County ADA


* Ben Lewis (City of Savannah ADA Coordinator)

* Kathleen Milhoff

* Dottie Black

* Pamela Oglesby

* Eva Elmer

* Neil Ligon (Representing LIFE, Inc)

Interpreter -Dr.Dana Taylor

Objectives of :

1. To address issues affecting people with disabilities with attention given to avoiding duplication, addressing broad concerns, adjusting and defining public policy.

2. To promote awareness of disability issues and benefits of increased community access to the public and businesses.

3. To articulate positions on issues pertaining to persons with disabilities.

4. To advise the City Council and County Commission on issues pertaining to persons with disabilities.

5. To review, analyze and recommend policies related to city and county services that impact citizens with disabilities.

6. To affiliate with State and National organizations that deal with disability issues.

7. To provide a regular forum for the discussion of issues pertaining to persons with disabilities.

8. To establish contact with community organizations dealing with issues affecting people with disabilities.

9. To serve as a clearinghouse for information and referral assistance. 

Committees of :

Employment - Goals

            1) Research companies (Temporary Services and others) that are receptive to hiring individuals with disabilities and liaise with managers of these companies to develop plans for making job information more readily available to individuals with disabilities who wish to work either full or part-time.

            2) Develop a program, possibly utilizing LIFE, Inc., as a resource, to assist individuals with disabilities with the process of planning to re-enter the job market. This will include helping with interviews through practice using videotape, practice filling out applications, how to dress for interviews, services as needed.

            3) Recognize companies through the print media and internet who regularly hire individuals with disabilities and illustrate how this can be a win-win situation for all parties involved.

            4) Liaise with the Savannah Chamber of Commerce and the Small Business Chamber of Commerce for the purpose of providing them with information to disseminate to local businesses regarding tax credits available to companies that hire individuals with disabilities.

            5) Advocate for the inclusion of Individuals with to the list of groups of individuals eligible for Minority Status for the purposes of contracting with the City of Savannah, GA and the Chatham County, GA.

Physical / Communications Accessibility (               , Chair)

Public Awareness & Ad Hoc Committee (Pamela Oglesby, Chair)

Transportation (James Aberson, Chair)

Youth & Young Adults 

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